Sport and especially fitness has always been a passion of mine. From the first time I attended a "come and try day" at Kendal athletics club at the age of 8 I was hooked. My schooling and career path has been focused around sport and exercise. This has been passed onto my two boys (aged 9&12) who are both sport mad participating in football, cricket and gymnastics and athletics to a high level. A busy wife and mum I have always found time to train for whatever sport I am undertaking at that time and now I am ready to pass on my expertise to other adults.



The training required to compete for the North of England in Athletics gave me the in-depth knowledge of elite sport. This motivated me to learn more about the physiology, psychology and bio-mechanics of running. A level PE led me to a degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Leeds Metropolitan University. I then continued the family tradition of Teaching PE to Secondary school children, something I loved, as it enabled me to pass on my knowledge to others and try to inspire my students to undertake a life of sport. After 16 years of teaching, 5 of which as Head of PE, the passion of sport, exercise and all it brings took over and I undertook a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Courses to enable me to begin my new journey of inspiring and helping adults on their fitness/exercise journeys.



There is a form of exercise out there for you that you will enjoy, in fact LOVE, finding it can be the hard thing. I offer a wide variety of different training options having tried most of them myself. I believe in a client led approach, listening to the needs of the client,  adapting to their needs on a daily/hourly/minute basis. I can tell by the way they walk through the door if the session I had planned is going to benefit them physically and mentally. The mental health benefits of exercise are a key component to my ethos, the endorphin release whilst undertaking exercise and their psychological and physiological implications this has is on an individual is invaluable. 

Recovery is just as important as the exercise itself. A good diet, rest and massage helps the muscles repair themselves quickly and efficiently.  

But most importantly..... BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!! You CAN do this! and I am here to help.